Your new best friend during work (Hint: Music carefully selected to inject a healthy dose of dopamine into your brain)

Hey yo there. My name is Miguel, and I’m the guy behind Chill Music Club FM.

You might remember me as guy behind the vinyl subscription club That Special Record.

Or as the guy who created the hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram (over 60.000 posts and counting).

Or as the guy behind Creative Samba, a newsletter about the power of creativity to solve business problems.

Or the guy behind Copy Ipsum, Nishi and Teardwn.

If you're like me music can make a huuuuuuuge difference in your workday.

So every morning (at 9AM WEST) from Monday to Friday I'll send ONE album that's perfect to play during work hours.

Expect chilled, soothing, dreamy, floating, deep, hypnotic, repetitive music.

Music to help you stay sane and focused.

And mostly ambient, drone, minimal or anything soothing to listen to while working.

Ocasionally also hip-hop, funk, soul or anything in between (*cof cof…As long as it’s good background music for coding, replying to work emails or doing any sort of deep work.*)

These daily emails are fun and quick to read. And always. Always. Under 50 words.

You see, Chill Music Club FM is more than just another newsletter. It’s also a fun way of starting your day with a routine and discovering new music along the way.

Send me my daily dose of work music

Chill Music Club FM is brought to you by Chill Music Club, the chillest place on the interwebs to discover new music (without using algorithms)  💿☀️🌴🍹